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14th New Mexico Analysis Seminar
March 26—28, 2015
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, New Mexico

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The 14th New Mexico Analysis Seminar will consist of three main lectures given by Monica Visan together with other contributed talks. Prof. Visan's lectures are titled "Critical dispersive equations with and without symmetries". Two of the main lectures will be held on Friday (morning and afternoon), and the third will be Saturday Morning. A full list of speakers will appear here once available. If you wish to give a talk please contact nmichalo@math.nmsu.edu. To register to attend please you may use the registration form here.

The seminar is sponsored by the NSF. We intend to pay for shared accommodations for participants who request support, and if there are funds left, reimburse some travel expenses (priority given to speakers, junior participants, females, and minorities).

The NMSU campus is located approximately 50 miles north of the El Paso International Airport.

The conference is sponsored by National Science Foundation Grant DMS-1400429 and the NMSU Walker Fund.

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