Creative Projects for K-12

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Notes from the Authors

A Look at Math

BulletA mathematically rigorous calculus course for non-majors New
BulletA Prehistory of Arithmetic New
BulletA story problem about a privateer in 19th century American calculus books New
BulletAlgebra in Experimental Courses for Teachers
BulletArithmetic Algorithms Taught in Schools (Joint Math Meetings, January 2014)

Contradictions in the Common Core State Standards: Problems and a Possible Solution

BulletCoordinating abstract, physical, and computational aspects of algebra in a single lesson

BulletDo students judge mathematical proofs to be valid reasoning? New

BulletEquity and Quality in Mathematics Education

Explaining Arithmetic Algorithms

BulletHistory and Theories of Mathematics Education

BulletThe “Ladder and Box” Problem

BulletLanguage of Algebra

Mathematical properties of decimal counting boardsnew

Mathematics Education Institute March 16-19, 2002

Negative numbers in school mathematics - MathFest 2011

BulletNumber Words and Arithmetic: A story of Numbers

BulletProblems in Stringology

Two Models of Learning the Concept Of Whole Numbers

University students' opinions about the mathematics they studied in grades K-12 2011

University students' opinions about the Mathematics that is taught in grades K-12 2012

Opinions of College Students (Future Teachers) About the Mathematics Taught in Elementary, Middle, and High School

Partnership Mathematics Context Courses for Prospective and Practicing Elementary and Middle School Teachers [en Español]
PME-29, July 10-15, 2005, Melbourne, Australia
BulletProjects for liberal arts majors New
BulletStudents' knowledge of geometric abstractions New
BulletTeaching Fractions Using Counting Boards New
BulletWas John Napier the First Modern Computer Scientist? New

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