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Emeritus/Adjunct Faculty

Emeritus/Adjunct Faculty

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Bagby, Richard J.

Emeritus Professor
Walden Hall 206
rbagby@nmsu.edu / 575-644-1457

Cohen, Marcus S.

Emeritus Professor
Mathematical physics: soliton interactions via singular perturbation theory, nonlinear optics-optical information processing; neural networks-continuum theory
Walden Hall 222
marcus@nmsu.edu / 575-646-2643

Finston, David R.

Emeritus Professor
Non-associative algebras, commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and their applications
Walden Hall 211
dfinston@nmsu.edu / 575-646-2884

Julian, William H.

Emeritus Professor
Walden Hall 213
wjulian@nmsu.edu / 575-646-2817

Kruse, Arthur H.

Emeritus Professor
Walden Hall 240
akruse@cybermesa.com / 575-646-2685

Kurtz, Douglas S.

Emeritus Professor
Maximal functions; multiplier operators; singular integral operators; weighted norm inequalities
Walden Hall 205
doug@nmsu.edu / 575-646-1410

Nguyen, Hung T.

Emeritus Professor
Asymptotic theory of statistics, Markov random fields (with applications to expert systems)


Pengelley, David J.

Emeritus Professor
Algebraic topology, history of mathematics, mathematics education


Richman, Fred

Emeritus Professor
Abelian group theory, commutative rings, and constructive mathematics


Staffeldt, Ross E.

Algebraic topology and algebraic K-theory
Walden Hall 201
ross@nmsu.edu / 575-646-2030

Stuart, Christopher E.

College Associate Professor
Walden Hall 212
cstuart@nmsu.edu / 575-646-2217

Swartz, Charles W.

Emeritus Professor
Mathematical Analysis, Algebra, Geometry
Walden Hall 206
cswartz@nmsu.edu / 575-646-2857

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