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Math Computer Operations Group

Math Computer Operations Group

To report problems or ask that software be installed/removed.
For those with user@math.nmsu.edu email addresses or who log in to sofia.nmsu.edu.
For those with user@math.nmsu.edu email addresses.
For those who log into the Windows machines in the classrooms, offices, and Grad Lab (SH222).
For Math COG and SH118 proctors to reset student passwords.
Floor plans for Science Hall and Walden Hall.

College IT Support

Math COG Personnel Schedules for Fall 2018
Purcell, Allen
Math Cog Customer Support

System setup information for Mathematical Sciences

This information is current as of July 25, 2014

  • Email configuration.
    • Webmail. If you use NMSU Webmail, Emmy is no longer an option. You will need to choose Math.
    • Thunderbird, Outlook, Mail.app, Eudora.
      Incoming email:math.nmsu.edu
      Protocol:IMAP or POP3
      Outgoing email:smtp.nmsu.edu
      Outgoing email port:Default (25) for on-campus use, 587 and TLS for off-campus use
    • Pine. In your ~/.pinerc file, set inbox-path={math.nmsu.edu/ssl/novalidate-cert/user=YOUR-USERID}INBOX
  • Login access to Unix accounts.
    You will be able to log in to emmy.nmsu.edu/math.nmsu.edu/sofia.nmsu.edu (same computer) using an SSH client such as ssh from Linux, Unix, and Mac machines, or PuTTY from Windows machine.
    SFTP protocol is also enabled so you can transfer files between machines using programs such as WinSCP on Windows, Cyberduck on Mac, or scp on Linux, Unix, or Mac.

    • The port number for SSH/SFTP is southern New Mexico's area code. This provides a simple security through obscurity mechanism to block common attacks on SSH servers.
    • If you are travelling and your location has blocked the SSH/SFTP port we use, please contact me for alternate port and machine information.

  • VPN setup.
    Visit http://vpn.nmsu.edu to get the current VPN client software for Windows and OS X.

    The following instructions will be good for OS X until July 31, 2014.
    1. Go to System Preferences and click on Network.
    2. Click on the + at the bottom of the left column to add a network connection.
    3. Choose VPN from the Interface: option menu and choose Cisco IPSec from the VPN Type: option menu.
    4. Give the connection a name in the Service Name: field and click on the Create button.
    5. Server Address:webvpn.nmsu.edu
      Account Name and Password:your my.nmsu.edu user name and password.
    6. Click on the Authentication Settings button.
    7. Choose the Shared Secret: option and enter goaggies, and enter nmsuvpn for the Group Name.
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